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Over the years the Group have played a number of games at their section meetings. Some of these have been compiled into document which the leaders use to add to their programme plans.

This compendium has been compiled as a set of games suitable for beavers (6-8), cubs (aged 8-10) and scouts (aged 10-14). We have not attempted to indicate which games are suitable for which age group as it varies on the maturity of the children and the size of the hall/room.

The games have been obtained from many sources and adapted accordingly based on experience of the leaders and enjoyment of the children. Please feel free to use this compendium and copy it as necessary. As with all games undertake an appropriate risk assessment before playing. Things to consider are size of room, number of children, type of floor (e.g. you don't want to drop children who are being carried on a concrete floor), size and maturity of children.

The beaver, cub and scout games compendium can be downloaded from here. You can do this by right clicking the mouse on the 'here' link and selecting 'Save target as...' or 'Save link as...'.

With the Coronavirus global pandemic, we have now produce a compendium of Socially Distanced Games which can be played inside or outside. The Socially Distanced Games Compedium can be downloaded from here.

Feedback and ideas for new games is always welcome.

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